All transaction stuck

Hi. I send some Bitcoin and XCP from counterwallet to counterwallet. It seem the tx stuck, even I’ve send higher fee doesn’t seem to work either. I need help to unstuck these transaction.

The network has been congested recently with another wave of low-fee transactions, causing the average fee needed to pay to get into a block soon to go up. I understand why you only paid 5k sats though, given the overall value of the transaction.

FWIW I submitted your transaction through – at the least it should probably confirm the next time they mine a block. Though, it will probably confirm sooner or later anyway.

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Thanks. All great now. I need to distribute daily incentive to asset holder. Can you suggest the lowest fee possible?

It greatly depends on what day it is and who is trying to push their views on Bitcoin at the time.

If you’re just sending bitcoin, put the bitcoin in a segwit address so that you can take advantage of lower weight of those transactions (note counterparty isn’t yet compatible with that… so only if you’re going incentivize with bitcoin).

You can look here (formerly to get an idea of the current fees and what their estimated confirmation time might be.

Another interesting graph to look at to get an idea of what you might want to pay:

Its kinda expensive with 72,320 satoshis for daily distribution.

I presume all the low fee transactions were to try and force people to move over to segwit2x.

Does anyone have any idea when things will get better, sending out free lots of tokens at $3 a go is not my idea of fun?

I use 5000 satoshi per transaction to send asset. It does go thru and it takes an hour to confirm. I was fine with 5000 sat of fee until yesterday, all tx got unconfirmed. Hoping for Counterparty consider to implement the lowest possible fee for token Creator as high fee means lower incentive to token Holder.

I have been having trouble for days and I can’t see it getting any better ever as bitcoin’s bubble keeps growing which means more and more people buying in with higher transaction fees. It will be interesting to see what the fees do when the inevitable crash comes.

Maybe it is time to take another look at Ethereum.

The core dev already looked into this but i think they figure out that massive increase of Bitcoin price covers most of Users fees. While Ethereum is not friendly user. Just not yet.

Do you mean not user friendly to create tokens?

yes exactly. any apps easy to use to create ethereum token?

Not that I know of, but they don’t look that hard to create with a bit programming knowledge, you just need to create a contract.

I have had orders stuck for days too and…ok, not the most expensive btc fee but used middle and my transactions are stuck going on a day. Not good

And seems not so economical to send tokens or transactions when every one costs a few dollars or more… I thought the banks were ripping everyone off with fees:frowning:

I can only see it getting worse with all the bitcoin investors jumping on board. I wouldn’t be surprised if the miners are creating thousand of dust transactions with low fees so people have no choice but to pay higher fees.
And when you are jumping on an investment bandwagon the last thing you care about is whether you are paying $5 or 50 cents to buy your BTC investment.

Yeah mine too. Both of my new transaction have stuck. i tried to submit on viabtc accelerator, but it seems the queue is full. I really need to find better way. i just started the distribution, this is bad for my business reputation. :fearful:

What is your business? Can you move it quickly to another blockchain?

Does not help you now but for the future:

Planned for Counterwallet release in late November: CIP 15– Segwit Support
Enabling Segwit support within Counterparty will enable users to spend less on transaction fees and enables potential future enhancements. Updating Counterwallet will allow users to choose if they want to send assets to a segwit enabled address or a traditional address.

Currently btc transactions are so expensive because only 12% of the network use the new segwit transactions which are faster or cheaper.

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I sell asset for Bitcoin Mining Share. So technically i need to pay incentive by daily to all token holder using btc. For now i can skip the fee by using bitcoin wallet on my website which require no fee transfer btw wallet. but it not address generated from counterwallet api. I wish i can use the distribution button as it is more convenient when making bulk payment.

The savings are only small like 35%.