XCP transfer from Counterwallet to Bittrex stuck as a Pending Action

I tried to send my entire XCP ballance from my Counterwallet address 128zdWiyDv6yyq68wmY59pS4PerBPxzXV5 to my Bittrex address 1BM5YgfZwowUaoMEwn1KSyc7M9L9Rrv9eX but the transaction won’t get through. It’s stuck in the upper left corner under the Pending Actions for 17 hours now and my XCP and BTC balances on the Counterwallet keep refreshing. I chose an economy BTC fee, is that the problem? What can I do now, can I cancel the transaction and try again? I see on the blockchain.info that it hasn’t been confirmed yet as far as I understand it.
Thanks so much for the help, it would be greatly appreciated.


It’s pending although it has a pretty high fee (193.185 sat/B, $1.19).

On https://bitcoinfees.21.co/ you can see the current expected wait time. Right now there’s a bunch of 200-300 sat/B transactions ahead of yours in the line. I know it’s crazy that a $1.19 fee tx gets stuck but rest assure your transaction will go through.

Ok, thank you very much for the info and for the good news.