Are Counterparty transactions stuck?

Some of my transactions are going on 3 days now and seem stuck. Is there a problem?

Counterparty runs on bitcoin network and with current low fees a transaction should not take more than 1 day except you sent it with 0 fee.

On the other side if you sent it to or from a coin exchange like Bittrex then it can take several days even after transaction finished to show the coin value in your exchange account.

If you post your tx id then we can check the state or you can use yourself.

Yes I understand how CP works. Thats why I am asking. My transactions are stuck for 3 days. I have enough btc to cover the costs but placed buy and sell order on CP asset and tried to send small btc transaction. Did this a week ago and was surprised how fast it was completed…now… nothing. 3 orders still stuck since 3 days. stange…says pending order for 3 days on 2 transactions and pending order on another since 4 days??

Which fee did you use and which assets x to y did you order on counterwallet exchange? Sounds to me your orders are pending that means nobody filled the orders yet?

that makes sense. I guess if no one fills the orders with in a week they expire? Is that correct. I tried to exchange XCP for another CP asset. I couldn’t increase the transaction fee, it was set at 0.00000258 BTC ($0.03 USD). I also sent a small amount of btc to an address which shows the balance but has not been confirmed yet using that same fee since I had no option to increase it- when might that expire if if doesn’t get confirmed? Thanks for the help!

Yes they expire after a week. Do not try to cancel them because that costs fee too because all is written to the bitcoin blockchain.