Unable to witdraw BTC from my counter walltet


SInce last night Iv’e tried to withdraw my btc from my counterwallet adress 13NvMqyWLZmDHrTz5upEs2a6VnnnZZ4FyW to this adress 192w7vtkQqumSWK8hijdWjzMeySQL7eyFx. The amount was around 0.046 BTC. I have been waiting for almost a day now and it is still pending. I remember when sending the BTC, i reduced the mining fee, could this be the problem ? if so, how can i cancel my transaction ?

Yes you set an ultra low fee: 0.00000415 BTC. So it may take more than one day to get through. Check the fee=time at https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/
If it is totally stuck then it will timeout after 5 days. It may be possible to supersede the transaction with another one with higher fees. But that cannot be done in counterwallet but needs some console commands which me don’t know.

what does time out mean ? will i still be able to retrieve my BTC ? and whom could i connect with for doing the console commands ?

If the timeout occurs then the transaction is cancelled and the BTC is back in your counterwallet.

thank you for the information :slight_smile:

i’m not really an expert or anything but i’ve been trying to send my .09 btc over to gdax for about a week now. first i tried a small fee (~$5) and that failed after a couple days then i tried a higher one (~$15) and that failed too… i looked at the website foldinger recommended and if i understand corrrectly i basically have to pay $1,000 in fees to send my .09 btc over? is that right?

Currently fastest transaction costs fee 155,940 satoshis = 0.00156 btc = 25 dollar
But lowest fees are on weekends! And you can use a transaction accelerator.

ok i set it at $30… hope it goes through this time :frowning: