All transaction stuck

nice…good job. i knew they working on something.

You should probably tell people receiving incentives that they have to pay the fees or hold on and cash out every week. Tell them that they are making more money because of the higher fees, which should keep them happy.

Here to help accelerate your transaction. But i don’t think your tx stuck due to fees. I think it is because of the network congestion. <try this

Thanks for the help. I was thinking the same, hold their payment and pay a weekly distribution. Hoping that won’t freak out Hodlers away.

How big is your setup? I might have some investors interested in this.

That looks great, how do you handle the token purchase? Paypal. Credit Card??

Currently accepting Cryptocurrency such as btc, etc, eth, ltc, xmr, waves, xcp and Wire Transfer. Paypal and those…they have 3%++ fees. Still considering. I try to maximize the profit of everyone while lowering all useless expenses, so we get return much quicker. unless 1 satoshi becomes 1$ :rofl:

furthermore i also ready a webinar session for full share investor. We have 2 type of profit having full share, active and passive. Active profit incoming from the pool share that bought at first, passive income generate from binary system from the pool itself. Its like collecting million of btc dust into your wallet, sort of…at least that how i fantasize about it. And any full share join thru my website, without a doubt i will create new account from token sale under Nidscom bitcoin network. I want to grow a bitcoin tree, a decentralized miners share.

I looked at, but their $99 membership fee put me off.

yeah sort of. but you need to understand the concept of bitcoin mining. what we generate today maybe useless not even for a dime. while, volatility is the key why bitcoin mining keep growing. 1 satoshi might be $10? $100? $1000? who might know. but thats why i turn it to asset. so you can at least try how bitcoin mining works at the same time generate some returns.

Looks like a bad business

You got to admit those pyramid scheme really worked. It just the way how business are. The different is type of product to sell. I don’t like selling medicine, clothing, cosmetic or water filter too. Mining is different, the money you spend goes to equipment that will work for you on daily basis. The problem with bitcoin cloud mining is the hashpower itself. While with share, regardless of hashpower you own, you will get the same as others do. Whatever you invest into, the most important thing is the Return.