XCP stuck in limbo

Some long time ago I’ve tried to send my XCP with low fee, and it obviously didn’t go through:


The problem is, I can’t send coins now, both counterwallet and coindaddy don’t broadcast any new attempts to send those coins (no unconfirmed transactions can be found on any block explorers, including Blocktrail), Freewallet has the same problem, since it’s connected to coindaddy.

Is it possible to connect freewallet to some other servers? Or get raw tx and try to push it somewhere else.

These are alternative wallets https://counterparty.io/wallets/

Counterwallet is down but coindaddy should work now

You need to initiate the transaction first successfully before you can get a tx id. Then try to push it at https://confirmtx.com/

Well, that’s the problem, my transactions are not getting initiated, they are just stuck at “Pending actions” and they don’t show up as unconfirmed on xchain or other explorers.

Are some those wallets using some servers other than coindaddy and official counterparty server?

I guess they use other servers. The mempool is full currently because of the bitcoin hype. I don’t know if this makes this problem too.

Well, my transaction got confirmed today, so I guess it’s just a problem that they don’t appear in explorers when they are pending. Everything is fine, sorry for the panic.