XCP wallet lost my tokens and each time changes addresses

Dear Sirs!
I had four addresses in my counterwallet. I sent 0.8 XCP to the Address #1, they came soon. Then I sent 18.66824699 from Bittrex to the address #2 bc1qaw3ppzr4ydk7a2c4gtmgrzq6ac2xd865hpygcy, tokens never came. More than that! Each time I refresh the page, I have to log in again and the names of addresses CHANGE except #1. I did screenshots. So i have no the address bc1qaw3ppzr4ydk7a2c4gtmgrzq6ac2xd865hpygcy any more. The transaction on Bittrex is complete, when check on xchain.io, I see the transaction. When click the address there are Address Details: Empty, No Pending. Where are my address bc1qaw3ppzr4ydk7a2c4gtmgrzq6ac2xd865hpygcy? Where are my XCP tokens?

Info from

Information from Bittrex
TxId c4ad54aed4e9d6a15eec7ada6a7c59b766d677eb30cc8e3e4f77058dc839b0c5
Date 2019/05/26 19:44:38
Symbol XCP
Address bc1qaw3ppzr4ydk7a2c4gtmgrzq6ac2xd865hpygcy
Quantity 18.66824699
Commission Paid 0.20000000
Status Completed
Authorized Yes

I found such a topic in FAQ:
Because Counterwallet is a deterministic wallet, every wallet “knows” about all addresses it can possibly have, so the “missing” address (in reality, just one of few dozen addresses associated with the wallet that happens to not be displayed) should become visible again. Counterwallet addresses cannot “disappear” because they are cryptographically tied to the wallet which has a 1-to-1 relationship to the pass-phrase.

But there is no answer how to make the address visible again and get tokens.

3 days past. XCP did not come. Still in the wallet there is no the address to which I sent XCP from Bittrex, but 4 new address occured in the wallet. Now there are 8 of them. Without my XCP.

I searched much and found such a recomendation! I tried and found out my coins on CoinDaddy!! Thanks to the guy

Your XCP coins are there on the blockchain says the xchain.io

But the wallet.counterwallet.io server does not show them.

Can you try the other server CoinDaddy at counterwallet.io?

Or Freewallet.io?

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