Counterwallet took 5 Bitcoins

I’m new to transferring XCP and SJCX and learned very quickly that I have to fund my wallet with BTC which I did. I then moved XCP to another account within the wallet.

Okay, I opened my KeepKey today and say that over 5 BTC was missing from it. I am the only one who has access to this device and so I clicked on the transactions to see how in the world this could have happened.

I followed the transaction link to:

and it shows that I had to have transferred the 5 BTC (there had to be a glitch because there is not way I would have done this) to my Counterpartywallet. But my question is, where is the 5 BTC? It is no where in my wallet.

Please look at the transaction link and see if you can find my 5 BTC because that is a lot of money lost somewhere in this wallet.

1E3PVFEbd4dYYnJZ35hyA3YNFfbBxDPJ5n it’s at that address

have you generated new address in your keepkey? maybe you’ll see it there. or go to counterwallet and generate new address.

i did that when i first started with XCP, freaked out for a few hours but i found it by going to counterwallet and generating a new address

boom, all assets and bitcoin popped up

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Thanks. I thought about that but was afraid that if I did it might be lost forever.

Do I just click “Remove Address”? Thanks in advance!

in counterwallet, there are three buttons in the top right. create new address with a drop down menu, import funds with a drop down menu and a help button

create new address --> create regular address - when i did that last fall, the newly created address had all my assets. something to do with HD addressing but im not a dev

ive never used keepkey but my trezor never sent change to a new address but you might try that if you have no luck in counterwallet. i imagine it would have to do with HD addressing also

I created a new “regular” address. How long did it take before you saw your BTC show up?

it did it right away but

it sounds like you sent bitcoin from your keepkey to your counterwallet address so you’d have some bitcoin for transactions.

i assume you didnt create the change address or modify it in any way so my guess is that keepkey created a change address and sent the change (5 bitcoin in this case) to that address. Since all addresses on your keepkey are derived from your private keys you should be able to hunt it down.

Am I reading the situation correctly?

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if you were a victim of some kind of phishing attack or whatever, i imagine your btc would have already been moved out of that address.

so worrisome on the surface but i think you’ll get your bitcoin and it’ll turn out to be, no offense, user error or a common misunderstanding with how keepkey handles change addresses

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You might be right, but again, I’m still a newbie. So if it created a change address then I should be able to find it within KeepKey? Is that what you are saying? Of course I’m going to bang my head against every wall until I either get my BTC back or realize that I can’t get them back.

exactly what im saying. ive had multiple heart attacks the last couple years because i thought i lost all my bitcoin

every time, it was something I did myself or something i didnt understand.

and ive never lost any bitcoin unless you count ethereum losses haha

So you may be right but KeepKey support acted like they couldn’t understand the issue. Here is what I found so far and now I have to figure out how to get the change address to give me my BTC back I guess.

if you cant resolve it yourself id pm dstanchfield from that thread

seven months ago, he’s probably a supervisor or something by now

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Thanks. I’m sending them a PM now. Appreciate your help my friend!

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