Lost my XCP, addresses dissapearing

Hello, I made a XCP wallet yesterday on: https://wallet.counterwallet.io

I created a new address(segwit), whitelisted it on poloniex, reloged to check if it was sitll there, it was, sent a test transaction:

"Complete XCP 71.00000000
2019-05-30 09:55:33
Address: bc1q44sekvd8u7pwdlp6se708av8nxk4qnrgmgkdg2
Txid: c6b43d2db0b9ff20726b90d0f874e33c2d53a89e41c3e4822713161a22ad8ba3

checked, the coins arrived,
reloged once again, they were there

repeated the same process to test send from bittrex (add new wallet, this time legacy not segwit)

|2019/05/30 12:28:22|XCP|1.75637227|Completed|
Date2019/05/30 12:28:22
Commission Paid0.20000000

coins arrived, i reloged, everything still there, then i send my bigger stash of XCP to the 1st address i used for poloniex
Complete XCP 1700.08367855
2019-05-30 10:39:53
Address: bc1q44sekvd8u7pwdlp6se708av8nxk4qnrgmgkdg2
Txid: 717ef7a99d971252c5a1aeffeffcae8fdd8af2db825aef21057b590b35ca51f4

the coins arrived very fast, checked even the history page, everything was there (on the wallet site)

and i reloged, and completly different addresses were in, no history whatsoever in my account,
simple questions, what to do, and where are my addresses gone?

Try other server instead https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io/

same thing, totaly different addresses when i log in

Did you make a typo in your passphrase?

Have to echo above, the coins do show up on that specific address- it does sound like a typo ed or copied wrong passphrase. (That’s the only time I’ve ever been presented with a differing address as they’re generated based the passphrase deterministically) - Please double check the passphrase and let us know how you get on,

nope, i didnt make a typo, as said i reloged multiple times, and st ill today when i login nothing there

re: just tried again with coindaddy, the address i used for polo appeared, but not the one from bittrex, nor will it show it on the normal counterparty server

how do i keep this address from dissapearing now?

There’s occasionally a delay on things showing up on the web-based counterwallet UI but the address hasn’t actually dissappeared. Your seed is the private key and as long as you have that correct you have access to the contents of the address, permanently- it’s on the blockchain.

So essentially it just sounds like a server delay in showing you your wallet address and it’s contents on the user-interface- almost like how it takes bitcoin blockchain time to sync and until that time it might not show your balance correctly, or at all, but it’s there as long as the connection catches up (either your home connection or the nodes connection)

I would recommend you try freewallet as a main wallet. https://freewallet.io. There are multiplatform desktop apps and a chrome version. In using that as a primary wallet I have never noticed an issue of balances not displaying and generally find it a more pleasant experience than counterwallet. There is also more selection of other wallets here https://counterparty.io/wallets/ if you wanted to try others.

But TLDR, don’t worry your balance is safe!

thanks for the reply, I have an update, 2 hours ago in a session where i was despritly trying to relog, the coins appeared, but then again with a new relog the addy dissapeared again, so i guess its there but the servers are shitty, or w.e.

Feel allot more relexed now tbh, thought i lost them for good, tnx all again for the quick help!