Address missing?

Hey there,

I send some XCP ages ago from Bittrex to my newly created XCP webwallet.

The transaction hash: 8e9bec2bfea64e34caad281dc45f7cd1129a3fa2c9976c9b82aad839b69bd5f3
The address in question: 17vVKe961LPSi7874uRykjSHu1JiBywSEm

I remember Counterwallet giving me two addresses from start, i had some main address and Address 1 if i recall correctly. I usually logged in using the quick password method. After the transfer was made i checked if everything was ok. It was and it did show me my balance. Also midterm. Though I always saw the amount but usually confusingly under a different tab and not under Address 1. Now after a while of not logging in I do not see any balance as i do not see the address i initially used for the transfer from Bittrex. I only see Address 1; 1LwoRMBLa7bjCNjpvJXCrw6mCnwiu5GvZX.

How do i import the balance from 17vVKe961LPSi7874uRykjSHu1JiBywSEm? I have my seed obviously but that didn’t do the trick…

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Resolved it by adding a new address, the balance magically appeared in the newly created address.

Hi i just set myself 11k from free wallet and the address problem is occuring once i logged back in it was gone and I tried adding a new address and using coindaddy as well. I need help please this is my car that I just sold

the address: 1NMUdFRFtL24khL5obcvB3sBHybHusnLVX]
the transaction: