Wrong deposit address

I created a wallet, copied the address, pasted it in Bittrex and made a withdrawl to the new wallet. Then logged out and back in, and the wallet address are different. Coins left Bittrex, but never showed up. Please help.

Hi! The same problem. Described it a few days ago. I didnt get an answer.

Here is my post: XCP wallet lost my tokens and each time changes addresses

Hi again! I searched much and found the recomendation! I tried and found out my coins on CoinDaddy!! You too try. You should lod in with your 12 words parathrase on any servers among these ones in this recomendation:

Your XCP coins are there on the blockchain says the xchain.io
But the wallet.counterwallet.io server does not show them.
Can you try the other server CoinDaddy at counterwallet.io?
Or Freewallet.io?

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