My xcp were stolen!

I check my wallet everyday and today I got on and my funds were gone and there was a pending transaction out of my wallet. I lost 4000 dollars. I want my money back

That means your counterwallet passphrase was stolen or your counterwallet address private keys. You should not use your counterwallet address anymore. Create a new coutnerwallet address and move all remaining coins from old counterwallet to new counterwallet. Only use the official counterwallet website or the wallets - other sites are scam.

Can you see where the pending transaction goes to?

Nope I can’t see where they went to. And I have used the right address I haven’t shared any information or anything. I lost everything.

You could use the site to lookup your public counterwallet address. Then the transaction would be shown there and the receiver.

No I can’t because the counter party site deletes the transactions after they’re completed! I lost $4,000 because of this jacked up system. I would recommend everyone to stay away from this crap. It ruined my life and can ruin yours too.

It is impossible to delete transactions after completion because they are written to the bitcoin blockchain forever. Can you post your public counterwallet address? Then I can check to see what was going on.