What is the cost in BTC or XCP to send a token?

What is the cost in BTC or XCP to send a token?

I have heard it’s a bit high. Is there any way to lower it?

If there was a way to lower it it wouldn’t be as high (since Counterparty Project doesn’t make any money from these fees).

Read the FAQs

Same as other Bitcoin transactions… But you can have off-chain transactions that are entirely free, using trusted centralized nodes.

Deliciousowl, that sounds interesting. Could you tell me more?

Something, Hmm… It is actually possible to make a Bitcoin transaction entirely without fees though, isn’t it? Maybe it’s the dust prevention measures that makes it impossible to do this using the CP platform.

The dust is miniscule and can be redeemed.

I’m sure if you transfer a large enough amount of BTC, you don’t need a transaction fee. Like the SR auction by the U.S govt for example. But It’s always good to pay fees… Especially if you’re storing data. Counterparty shouldn’t be a ‘free ride’, because that just attracts criticism and is a disincentive for miners.


I am interested in what you said about off-chain transactions. How would I go about to send say 100 transactions to the same number of recipients that have agreed to receive a token without having to pay 100 x the transaction fee?