Why CounterParty Fee so HIGH?

Bitcoin fees finally low again. Yet xchain tells optimal counterparty fee is $4.29.

Why so expensive? Counterparty uses Bitcoin yes?


1.) Those are the fees to use the Bitcoin network… not counterparty specific.
2.) Those fees are per-kilobyte… and most counterparty transactions are considerably smaller than 1kb.
3.) A typical Counterparty send transaction takes up about 250bytes… so about 1/4 of the above fee.
4.) The fees vary based on how many transactions are pending… more pending transactions means higher fees.

So… you could still send a counterparty transaction for around $0.05 if you were willing to wait a few blocks for your transaction to get processed and included in a block.

FYI… I am working on a desktop client which should hopefully make the fees much easier to understand :slight_smile:

View the current fee situation on


Unfortunately, the priority fee calculation is pretty stupid (it’s from within the Bitcoin client, I think). If you look closely at the graph you will find that the priority fee overshoots significantly. I’ve always had my transactions included in the first block with regular fee, and I guess there’s only a tiny risk mempool will fill up with higher fee txs before the next block is found, in which case I’d have to wait one more block.