Problem with BTC/XCP Balance

I deposited a big amount on the Counterparty Web Wallet, about 1200 XCP but on the BTC balance it says only 0.0001086? Why? Can anybody help please? Cheers

BTC and XCP are different currencies… you can have XCP in your wallet without any BTC.

But it doesnt allow me to send my XCP to another address/wallet, it says I have no sufficient BTC…

Counterparty rides on top of the bitcoin blockchain… any counterparty action (like a send) requires some BTC to pay the transaction fee to write the transaction to the blockchain.

TL;DR… Yes, you need a tiny bit of BTC for every action you perform on CP in order to pay the miners to write the transaction to the blockchain.

i have a big problem…i try to withdraw my XCP…the first time show me the message Insufficient BTC at address +++++++++++++++++. (Need approximately 0.00048047 BTC.) and ok…i deposit 0.0005…after i try again…but show te same message but with 0.0020239!!! ok…i deposit again for an total of 0.0021 and…Insufficient BTC at address **********************. (Need approximately 0.00255047 BTC.)!!!
is a joke? i have spend 0.0015 of fee only for deposit my btc…
i need help because i dont have any btc to deposit

and 0.0025 of fee…is really much!

The fee you need to pay to the bitcoin network is based off the transaction size… the size of your transaction is based off how many inputs it uses…

So… you continue to send small tiny bits of BTC to your address, which then makes the bitcoin transaction even larger, which then makes it cost more.

The simple solution to this problem is to send more BTC than tiny amounts… if you keep trying to send tiny amounts, your going to continue to be frustrated… If you send a larger amount like 0.01 BTC, then you should have no BTC fee issues as you will have more than enough BTC to cover the fees.