About transaction fee


This question may already have been asked, but there is one thing I don’t get about transactions fees on counterwallet.

I created my own token and every time I send some to another address, the transaction fee of around 0.00025 BTC is deducted from my account. This is fine as this is a fee for miners. 

But one weird thing is when I send my original token to another address, a tiny bit of BTC(probably as part of the transaction fee above) also gets transferred to the address at the same time. Is this normal? All I need to send is my original token and I really don’t want to send out any more BTC if possible. It adds up.

I believe this article will give you the answer you're looking for:


Also how to redeem "dust"


Would be nice to have dust redeemable on Counterwallet soon

Would be nice to have dust redeemable on Counterwallet soon

That’s the plan.

So is the 0.00025 BTC a minimum fee to conduct transaction within CP network? 

Anyway is can be lowered? 

The minimum fee is explained here.