Can i send to Email?

Hi, i send BTC via email (XAPO wallet).Now i have a need to send Tokens. Is this doable.Like making a withdraw without having a withdraw transaction feature.
And also what Algorithm and source link do i provide exchanges?

It’s never possible to send a Counterparty token (or bitcoin) from one address to another without paying transaction fees.

Sending bitcoin by email seems free because transaction cost is paid by service provider (who in turn charges you, but selling you BTC slightly more expensively than you could buy elsewhere).

If someone wanted to send a Counterparty token by email, they could use the same
Currently the functionality doesn’t exist (because transactions still have to be paid by someone, and Counterparty is free/non-profit).

But a “send-token-to-email” service could be created, maybe via Tokenly CMS or some other integration.
At this time I don’t know of any such service.