Unable to transfer btc from indiewallet to exchange

I’m trying to transfer 0.0387 btc from my indiewallet to bittrex. Even at medium priority it’s charging a very high fee plus giving a ‘broadcast failed’ error. Please suggest a way to make this transfer. Thanks!

Bitcoins have very high transaction amount lately so fees are high and should be 0.001 btc. For fast transaction use 0.0025 btc

Ok I get that but my transaction is still not going through. Not sure how i’m supposed to fix the “broadcast error”

I get the same error: “Broadcast failed”

Also tried to send through counterwallet.io, which looked like it worked, but nothing shows up on the blockchain.

Is something wrong with the network?

nevermind, coindaddy works! i guess indiesquare wallet relies on counterparty wallet.