I transferred my BTC from Indiesquare to Wallet .counter wallet.io now its.losy

Im 100% new to counterwallet and on August 18th i bought my bitcoin at a BTC ATM and only sent it to 18AFWNcM133hiUHeiGMKfsaWRCbGyQGq4n and then to 18rezpN1qnJfCcJHxQUcArryYZqdwgBPPU and no were else but i cant get into my address even though i have the paraphrase it is unspent untouched and never transferred away. I don’t understand how it could be anywhere else. It couldn’t be on any other network. I am so confused I have looked it up on blockchain and block explorer and its just sitting there in limbo. Wallet.counterwallet.io was the only place I sent it from Indiesquare and used my same passphrases that I used on Indiesquare that is it. What would be the next step here does it say what wallet provider would be holding my 18rezpN1qnJfCcJHxQUcArryYZqdwgBPPU address? I can’t seem to gain access to my wallet and have been dealing with this since August 18th. I have chatted with Indiesquare and they told me to ask the forum so can anyone help me.to locate my BTC in seriously so frustrates and lost someone please.jelp me. My money is just sitting there. Since that day and I need serious help.
Im.so desperate