Bitcoin Fee Slider Not Working

I’m trying to transfer folding coins from my counterwallet to Bittrex. I want to increase the Bitcoin Fee from its minimum to try and speed up the transaction. The slider bar for the transaction Fee is stuck at the minimum, and I can’t move it to increase the fee. I have 0.01031104 BTC available. I tried Chrome and Firefox and can’t get either one to work.

Last month I had the same problem and used the minimum fee and it took a long time to complete the transaction. I’d like to speed things up this month. Am I missing something ?


The bitcoin fees are very low currently because everybody is holding and not trading.

That means with a fee of 0.0001 btc/kbyte you already get the fastest transaction speed which takes half an hour max. You can still enter a custom fee if you set the fee input to custom.

There may be a second delay at Bittrex even when the fldc transaction is completed on the blockchain. Because Bittrex then needs to process the blockchain to update the fldc in your bittrex account. This sometimes takes a long time at Bittrex and you cannot do anything to accelerate that.

So I guess the fee at counterwallet is already perfect fine but it can still take a day until Bittrex shows your coins in your account. (Really don’t know what they are doing so long)

Thank you for the update. I’ll use the default value and see what happens.

The default fee worked perfectly. The transaction is pending input at Bittrex and completed in 15 minutes. I’m not sure what happened last month. I recall that it took forever to be accepted by the network and I assumed it was because of the fee, but it must have been due to something else.

Thanks again for your help Foldinger.