Token creation pending since 4 days

I have launched the token creation 4 days ago but it seems still pending.
The token name is TFOOTCOIN and the public address is 1CbByip6dYUbTuTymsY9FzodZXrn53XLPK

Am I doind anything wrong ?

Thanks a lot

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It’s a known bug not fixed yet.
But the asset has been created -
You can try, whether you can see it there.

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer

I have been waiting a few days as well for my created assets. It is a very annoying bug that i hope is fixed soon :frowning: good things take time though remember :smiley:

I asked the devs if they can restart counterblockd every 8 hours until the problem is fixed.
If that happens people will still not spot newly created assets right away, but on average (!) they should appear within 5-6 hours.

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For now, until this bug is fixed, counterblockd behind is set to restart daily. That means logged in users who create assets will see newly registered assets within 24 hrs, or sooner on sites that also restart counterblockd daily such as CoinDaddy’s CW instance.

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great job taking care of this. Hopefully the bug gets resolved soon, but in the mean time that is a great solution. 24 hours is not that long to wait for an asset

Yeah, IMO 8 hours between restarts would be a bit better, but if you restart 3 times a day that’s 90 restarts a month so it’d be more likely to impact regular users who just want to access their wallet, which would create more problems than it solves.

@jdogresorg restarts his servers i think every 8 hours.

J-dog, has this affected the users ability to login, or is this a pretty smooth process (if restarting every 8 hours was actually considered a smooth process :slight_smile: )

restarting counterblock every 6 hours should only effect users while the service is restarting, which on my servers takes about 5-10 seconds.