I can't open a support ticket ... i have a passphrase please help me access my account

I’m getting an error message when i try to log in 32000 or something and i never loads can i use the passphrase to import my funds to a different account

k so it fixed itself but the last thing i did was create some new assets and they are not showing this was last night that i created them wen i go to create the asset again it says the name is taken

It’s a known bug that new assets don’t show until counterblockd is restarted. You can try counterwallet.coindaddy.io they should show in that wallet.

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thakns (:::::

actually not working any other suggestions?

are you talking about putting in a support ticket through counterwallet?

no i got into my wallet now i can’t see the new assets i made last night

ok, now i am caught up. The known bug is that sometimes your assets will not be useable for up to 2 days after you create them. It is an annoying bug and here is the thread in which this is discussed:

ya everything looks like it went through just not showing up… so now i wait i guess
thank you

When you said “not working”, does it mean you couldn’t see the newly created assets on Coindaddy’s wallet? That would mean that the transaction got stuck on the “official” CW instance’s counterblockd and invalidate the workaround (of going to another wallet), so a better workaround would be to restart counterblockd on a regular basis (say once every 8 hours).

im not sure what that means i couldn’t see it on coin daddy’s wallet i don’t really know what that is even doing how do you restart the counterblockd at all not sure

might it be because i don’t have any btc current

got it i needed more BTC