Newly Created Asset Not Visible In CounterWallet

A few days ago I created an asset in counterwallet. The asset shows up in my LTB Companion browser plugin wallet but not in counterwallet. I’m able to send it from the LTB Companion wallet just fine but I need the controls available in the counterwallet. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution available for this?

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There’s a bug on Github that’s known but not yet solved.
A known workaround is to restart one of Counterparty daemons, but it has to be done repeatedly, so maybe you can try to use another wallet such as or a client. Or try again later on

Another thing that i have learned is that you can wait for a day or two and it will be fine after that

There was (or still is) as bug in the counterblockd that needs to be restarted for the new assets to appear in Counterwallet.

So the asset is there, just that you cannot see it.

Hey, I just want to report that the same bug happened to me too.

Newly created asset, PROVOLA. It doesn’t show in my counterwallet after 2 days. It shows up in the distribution form but if I try to actually pay a distribution, it doesn’t work.

Just catching up on the forums from my week out, has this issue been resolved? Do you have access to PROVOLA now?

Hey Joaniethx thanks for answering;

no, it hasn’t been resolved, I still can’t access my PROVOLA in counterwallet.
It was just to try the issuing process, PROVOLA itself really doesn’t matter, but the bug is quite annoying anyway.

This has been broken for weeks. This bug does make it hard for new users to start using counterparty. How many people are running a local wallet?

My asset finally did show up after about three days. Now I would like to assign a picture icon to it, but the link that I get in counterwallet that is supposed to help me with the “enhanced” description makes very little sense to me. I don’t know what JSON object/mapping means really. I understand how to make a 48x48 png, no problem. I also don’t know where to put the code they use in the MYTOKEN example. Any help would be appreciated.

No PROVOLA in my counterwallet yet ; )

just to confirm, this is your address correct? and since some time has passed since you accessed this, could you maybe try logging into an alternative server to see if this helps fix the problem, try this server

Sorry for being late… the address is correct and PROVOLA just showed up today. Didn’t check in a week though.

Glad to here, it takes time to get bugs out of big projects like this, but overall this system is working beautifully :slight_smile: Remember, you can always try other new wallets like the LTB companion wallet and Indiesquares mobile wallet as well while Counterwallet has issues

I created an asset a few hours ago. It doesn’t show in my wallet, but if I search for it on the exchange…it does exist and I can make a buy order :smile: (although the supply is zero…

Any suggestions to get hold of my asset?

A suggestion is given above, you just need to read it: Newly Created Asset Not Visible In CounterWallet

Fixed in counterblockd v1.3.0 (2015-10-31) that will be put in production soon.