Sent XCP and PEPE to the same counterwallet address, can't locate funds


In two separate transactions, I sent PEPE (from Tux Exchange) and XCP (from Bittrex) to the same Counterwallet address which I own.

Both transactions appear in my address history as ‘Send’ and ‘Credit’, however, I’m unable to locate the funds in my Counterwallet.

Obviously my biggest concern is that the wallet I sent both coins to doesn’t support either, which would result in me losing both funds.

I’d really appreciate if someone can provide clarity on this issue.
Where can I locate and access the transferred funds that have been credited to my counterwallet?

Thank you!


Counterwallet address can hold both coin types. It may take some days until coins arrive depending on transaction fees used.

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Thank you very much for the helpful info. Good to know that there’s a chance my $$ isn’t lost due to a wallet/currency incapability.

It has been 2 days since my transfers were shown as ‘credited’ in my Counterwallet ‘History’. Earlier today I logged into my wallet to see if the funds had hit and my Counterwallet showed and continues to show a DIFFERENT ADDRESS. Completely separate from the address I used to transfer the funds to. Also, there are no transactions listed in my counterwallet ‘History’ anymore.

I’ve contacted the Counterwallet Dev’s via email and am hoping for a swift reply considering the magnitude of this issue.

If anyone has any advice, your time and thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you

Make sure that Bittrex and Tux Exchange both read out the correct address, and then check the correct address’s transaction history and see if they ever did arrive.

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Maybe it is the counterwallet bug where you need to add another address in your account to see the first address again. Or you made a typo in the passphrase and now see another empty wallet.

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I just found out that a friend of a friend had a similar issue. His was ultimately resolved by the Counterwallet Dev team. I guess there was a bug, similar to the one you’re talking about, where Counterwallet mistakenly assigned existing wallets a new address which cleared all transaction history from the wallets previous address.

Still waiting to hear back from CounterWallet’s Dev team. Would appreciate any contacts anyone may have to speed this up? My funds have been ‘gone’ since Saturday.

Thank you!

Login to your account and click the “Add new address” button. This generates a second address. See if your first address also reappears.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did just that, however the new address generator is different from my wallet’s original address which has disappeared.

@counterparty , a little help asap would be much appreciated.

Is it possible that you have a typo in your passphrase or did not copy it completely?

That is a possibility, however I’m not sure how to verify if my 12 word passphrase is correct.

My funds are currently sitting at the original address I sent them to…however I can’t access that address. When I first transferred the funds to my Counterwallet, I logged into my wallet and was able to see the funds in my wallet ‘History’, however I wasn’t able to find them in my wallet. Then, the next time I logged in to my wallet, the address was different and its ‘History’ was completely cleared.

This is very bizarre. Do you or anyone on here know a consultant that may be useful in solving this issue?

Many thanks!

Do you know your original address? Then download and use the passphrase repair function with your original address. It can repair if only one word of the passphrase is wrong but not if more than one word is wrong.