Balance Missing?

Hi there,
I was finally able to get back to my Counterwallet but my balance is gone?? I got in using my passphrase but my balance on the addresses says zero. I do not know if these wallet addresses in my account were the original. My history says zero transactions. Any help available?


try using desktop wallet with the same passphrase and see if you still see zero balances and transaction history.

Thank you for replying. I did that and although it did open with my passphrase there is still no balance and no history it seems. although I can only see a balance for BTC, not XCP. It’s zero of course, but can’t see any info for XCP.

Any ideas? I mean, I didn’t have a lot, only about 20 but I had had them since 2014 so even though I can replace them cheaply i still would like to know where they are…

That is strange indeed. Are you sure all of your 12-words are spelled correctly and in the right order?

I can’t think of any reasons why your passphrase should show empty addresses unless the passphrase was off a bit.

Sorry for the delay, thanks for responding.

Yeah it’s strange. The passphrase is def correct because I’m just copying and pasting the same one I’ve always used for counterwallet. In the past when I opened counterwallet it always showwed my balance. Then there was a time last year where I couldn’t get counterwallet to open at all for quite some time and the status always said that it was down. Then I finally tried again last month and it logged m in but all xcp are missing. Oh well, I have no idea how to find out what happened. There is no tx history with any hashes to even show any movement. It just says 0 and looks like I never had any there. I originally downloaded Counterwallet when Poloniex said they wouldn’t be doing business with US customers anymore and I had to put my XCP somewhere. Every once in awhile I would log in to the counterwallet to make sure they were there. THey always were until what I just described before happened.

Anyway, thanks for your help. Unfortunately I cannot locate the actual original wallet address, I only have the passphrase.