Sent SJCX, received less

Sent 100 SJCX (about 0.00926 BTC), received 0.0000543 BTC, where the rest of the money?
FROM 1JzdsNBUy2LVbfDwPW2J2AaTjfKBwse6ss TO 1JJVBnhHGMFeepQT4fn82ZWSqQBfqYV8zV

Hmm, shows the address received 100 SJCX.

Edit: in case you’re interested in why you got 0.0000543 BTC, that’s a minimum amount required for Counterparty tokens.

That doesn’t answer my question. You understand the difference between 0.00926 BTC and 0.0000543 BTC? Bitcoin miners? I paid the fee for the transfer, if the transfer is not completed as it should return the money.

Yes, I don’t understand your question.

You sent 100 SJCX. You received 100 SJCX. How much should you have received and who do you expect could operate on your bitcoin address (without having the private key)? Of course if you send X units of token A and the transaction succeeds, you receive X units of token A. That’s exactly what happened.

How much is each unit (or X units) worth in BTC or US dollar is not controlled and can’t be controlled by the bitcoin protocol.

And if you look at, you paid a 0.0002 BTC transaction fee. You could have paid a bit less, but the transaction might have taken hours.

I didn’t receive 100 SJCX, I received 0.0000543 BTC (
Well I understood that through your system SJCX can’t bring successfully to a bitcoin the address at the current market rate. It is necessary to bring to the exchange SJCX address in the old manner.

Did you follow any of the links I pasted here for you? It seems not.

Here’s a picture:

Yeah, but I think you may not be aware that you need to use a Counterparty-capable wallet such as Counterwallet to be able to “see” Counterparty tokens at your address.

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