How to sweep XCP or BTC from a wallet?

There are several formats of private keys. For this purpose we’ll focus on two: compressed and non-compressed. Counterwallet uses the compressed WIF (begins with a letter).

You Have a Non-Compressed Private Key (starts with 5H, 5J, or 5K)

Counterwallet uses compressed private keys, so if your private key from begins with a numeric character, you can’t use it in Counterwallet - you first need to get it in the compressed format. See this article for details (Case 2 on the page).

Once you get a compressed private key, use the procedure below.

You Have a Compressed Private Key (starts with K or M)

NOTE: does not provide this type of private key format, so this procedure will work only if you obtained your private key while this type of format was available. You can tell by the first character of it - if it’s a letter you got it right, if it’s a number, then it’s a non-compressed private key and you need to use the first procedure, above.

  • Login to your wallet
  • Select Import/Export
  • Select Export Unencrypted
  • Select Bitcoin-Qt Format
  • Login to your Counterwallet wallet and sweep funds from your address
    • Step 1: Click on Import Funds > From Another Address
  • Step 2: Enter the private key (e.g. from Blockchain) and select Destination Address:

  1. In case of a timeout, repeat the action.
  2. Your “source” address must have a minimum amount of Bitcoin (such as 0.0001 BTC per sweep) to fund the transaction
  3. You can select source address assets you want to import - not everything has to be swept to a Counterwallet address.
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