Wrong Transfer amount

Hi I just made a transfer of SJCX to a Bitcoin wallet how can it be that 81.885 SJCX adds up to 54.3 ubtc that’s not correct SJCX IS at 0.00123 a SJCX COIN. There’s been a error…

There has been no error.

It sounds like your thinking that when you send SJCX to another address, your getting the BTC value of the SJCX sent in the transaction. That is not the case.

You will not see the BTC value of SJCX until you convert SJCX back into BTC on an exchange.

When you send a counterparty asset/token to another address, there is a small amount of BTC that is sent along with the transaction. That is what you are seeing with the 54.3 ubtc. Your 81.885 SJCX tokens are in the bitcoin wallet that you sent them too. You can hold on to them as they up/down in value, and then when you want to sell them, you can move them to an exchange and sell them for BTC.

yes but my SJCX are not in my counterwallet account now either in the bitcoin address i sent it to what do i do now to recuperate them ???

Before I can help you, you need to provide a transaction hash so I can see the transaction we are talking about.

If you sent your assets to a bitcoin address where you own the private key, you should be fine.

08182c7977c217ff1f9f050a75b9d68970d9fbac822b55d3adca46d3c7e9bc0f is this it ?

also in my counterwallet when i click on send SJCX it asks to input a bitcoin address so that what i did ?

08182c7977c217ff1f9f050a75b9d68970d9fbac822b55d3adca46d3c7e9bc0f is this it ?

It seems like your transaction went through just fine.


You sent your SJCX to the address 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF.

Is 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF a counterwallet address? If you send SJCX to any address that you have the private key for, then you should be fine and you should be able to retrieve your SJCX

If however, you sent your SJCX to an address which you DO NOT control the private key for (like an exchange, or coinbase), then you will not be able to retrieve your SJCX until you get in contact with the owner of the address.

how do i manage the private key what do i do ?

OP_RETURN 7b96d2428e064011800577e64392e21d19d8ef1867e73daf7a5ce30d
(decoded) j{��B�@�w�C����g�=�z\�

lets take a step back… you sent the funds to 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF

Do you own the address 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF? Where does the address 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF live? counterwallet?

yes i own it it’s a bitwala address

OP_RETURN 7b96d2428e064011800577e64392e21d19d8ef1867e73daf7a5ce30d
(decoded) j{��B�@�w�C����g�=�z\� Strange

well there you go… your SJCX are stored in your bitwalla address… unfortunately, it doesn’t look like bitwalla currently supports counterparty… which means that your SJCX are in your bitwalla address, but your not going to be able to retrieve your SJCX until you contact bitwalla and explain the situation.

I am not familiar with bitwalla… but, if they offer a way for you to dump the private key for 3FGyveLJpdjpCygzXURc3JXhia9h3ZCtHF… then you should be able to use that private key to “sweep” the funds from your bitwalla address back to your counterparty address.

You can sweep via ‘Import Funds’->‘From Another Address’ :

Then you simply enter the private key and select the counterwallet address where you want the funds to go:

Unfortunately, sounds like you are learning the lesson that you must send Counterparty assets/tokens only to addresses which you fully control (access to private key)… If you don’t control the private key, then you don’t really control access to the funds, which means someone else has custody of your funds.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions… don’t send counterparty assets to bitwalla addresses. :frowning:

ya for real :sweat_smile: whats the best way to couvert my SJCX to bitcoin ???

You need to get access to your SJCX before you can convert it back to Bitcoin.

Best way to convert SJCX to Bitcoin is via an exchange… but, before you can convert SJCX to Bitcoin, you have to deposit the SJCX at an exchange… and before you can deposit the SJCX at an exchange, you need to have access to your private keys (or have bitwalla work with you to retrieve the SJCX)

OK so once I get my SJCX back on the counter wallet page I click on send SJCX it’s going to ask me for a Bitcoin address which I put the exchange receiving address of the SJCX and then it’s going to covert it and send it back to my Bitcoin address that I entered to retrieve my exchange… Thxs Bud! P.S counter Wallet should change the send button to send to SJCX Address instead of Bitcoin coin address that’s why I got confused… Thxs

Close… you will need to do the following :
1.) Get your SJCX from your bitwalla address to an exchange
2.) Sell your SJCX for BTC on the exchange (this is not automatic… it is a manual thing)
3.) Withdraw your BTC from the exchange to a bitcoin address (counterwallet, bitwalla, whatever)

Glad to have helped. Hope you have a great day and get your SJCX back soon :slight_smile:

This is what Bitwala replied to me.

Jan (Bitwala)
Feb 25, 17:22 CET
Hi MF,

For every transaction we create a new address to ensure privacy and secure.

All addresses are stored in y/our Bitwala wallet which is a multi-signature and HD wallet.

You have two out of three keys (see backup file), so you can the only one you can sign transactions.

I can’t really advise you regarding “counter wallet” and “SJCX”, we are not familiar with their services.

Hope this help resolving your issue.

Kind regards,

do you have any alternative solutions ???

What you need to know is how to dump the private keys for addresses generated in the bitwala address.

They gave you very basic information about how you can sign your transactions…which is nice and all, but what you really need to know in order to get at your SJCX is how to get the private keys for individual addresses which are generated with bitwala?

Is there a tool which they have where you can put in your 2 keys and generate wallet addresses and dump the private keys?

Once you have the private key for the address in question, you can sweep it into counterwallet.

Please ask them how to get the private keys for your address.