Counterparty sent to bitcoin account

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I hope you are well and would very much appriciate any help given.

Yesterday, I sent some counterparty over to a separate bitcoin account. However, I have not managed to receive them yet and wondered if anyone could help.

Is it because I sent them to a bitcoin address rather than a counterparty? If so, I would I redeem them?

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If your wallet is a Counterwallet-capable wallet, you’d see the CP token (if it arrived).
If it’s a “generic” wallet (e.g., it won’t see the CP token (even if it arrived). In that case you can go to Counterwallet and sweep the CP asset from that address (see How to sweep XCP or BTC from a wallet?). Note that you’d need about 5500 Satoshis on the address that’s being swept to pay for the sweeping (sending) transaction (the cost of sending the token from there to your Counterwallet address).

But first check on to see if the CP tokens actually reached your address.

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It is a Bter account I sent it to however on blockchain it said the transaction was’'unable to decode the output address". Does this mean I will have to get the private keys for that address so I can sweep it the my counter wallet?

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Well if the destination address is not under your control, then you depend on whoever controls it.

Obviously in this case that would be BTer staff - they have the private key (if you can get the private key without their assistance, then treat it as your own), but if the address is reused by BTer for other purposes they won’t be willing to provide you the private key - it really depends on their rules and procedures.

I haven’t seen that error (was that in Counterwallet?), but what matters is whether the tokens were sent or not (which you can check on

Good luck!

Hi again,

Sorry for being a pain but I am still struggling to retrieve my Counterparty.

Essentially, I sent them to at BTC account which I am in control of at Bter. I have contacted them but they are struggling to get back to me.

I have checked the transaction on Blockscan as suggested and it come up with this;

And the error I was talking about shows on Blockchain as this;

What is then best course of action now?

Once again, I really appreciate your help.

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I wouldn’t worry about it because your address at BTer - although you don’t control it - is only accessible to BTer staff.

XCP at that address cannot possibly disappear (and if they did it would mean BTer screwed up).

What can be done:

  1. BTer could use Counterwallet to import XCP from that address (you may need to send 0.0001 BTC to it) and send it to your XCP address (

  2. Or, if they don’t want or can’t (not allowed) to do that, then simply ask them to securely give you the private key (which could be complicated - it is better if they could send you XCP).

I’d just give them a day or two and if they don’t respond, ask them to do 1).


Thank you for that I really appreciate it.

Releases a little less stress now.

Thank you for all you help.


Goof morning,

Just a quick update regarding the above matter.

I have requested the above with BTER as advised, but they have not managed to credit my account with the Counterparty. I have asked this to be done numerous times now and the matter has been going on over four weeks. I have emailed them and phone them but they stated that they are getting the development team to look at it.

I wonder if someone could help or advise me as to what to do next? as the is quiet a lot of Counterparty involved.

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Andrew :slight_smile:

They can contact our developers (they know who they are) personally if need be.

But like I said before, they have the private key of the address where you sent XCP.
With the private key, they could:
a) Create a new Counterwallet on (and write down the pass phrase)
b) Sweep the address where you sent XCP (before that they can empty it of other tokens, such as BTC, but down to the limit of 0.0001 because you still need some BTC dust to cover the cost of transaction), and then sweep those XCP to an address in this new wallet
c) Then they can let you know that’s done, and you send 0.0001 BTC to the new wallet
d) After you’ve done that, they login to Counterwallet again and send XCP to your BTer XCP Deposit Address or whatever other address you provided

But if they have any doubts or questions, they can contact CP devs.

@something gave you some good steps in the above comment, unfortunately I do not think them contacting CP devs would help, as I am sure they know how to sweep private keys.

I know you have already contacted them, but perhaps you should look into there forums or continuously email them still because there is no flaw that happened on the CP side or the BTER side, this was simply just a mistake sending XCP assets to a non XCP wallet.

If you would like, you can include me (CC) in those emails and perhaps i can try and talk with them more to resolve this

Good Luck!

Unfortunately, given the situation BTER is in after the major hack, a lot of people have coins tied up at the exchange and are unable to cash out. They have limited withdrawals. And from the looks of it, getting your coins back would be challenging, but as both the previous posters have stated give it try and see what they have to say.

Good points from both @foldingcoin and @mtbitcoin - it doesn’t appear it’s a technical issue.
If they have the will to solve the problem, it is certainly within their technical capabilities.

I received a CC email that this has been resolved so i will close the thread

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