PPI - Personal Proof of Investment?

Like I said I like to watch counterpartyd.log scrolls by... Few seconds ago...

Block: 328365 (122.07s)
Broadcast: ‘jpja.net/pdf/janssen-portfolio-2014-11-03.pdf - 453eecd01bb99556f7a3
3a9884c86175778c82268eec9107a0cf84f570df2e10’ = -1.0 from 1HbJtt8hm7TGd2DhHvxuw4
BRdZsd2iuxYp at 2014-11-04T00:53:14+08:00 with a fee of 0.0% (5958a53a173da40f1e
2c6fe9d2e12d4771aa335a557802e05ea3bf9e3467cfc5) [valid]

I think those investments are sound! (Note: they're are fictive, it's not for real, folks!)

As a variant of this (well, actually I'm not sure if it is a variant, but a related idea), it would be possible to create a testnet based investment game where users would have to sign their test address with their real address and at the end of a period the winner would get some sort of reward. (I'm not sure if that'd be illegal in the US of A, so folks check with your lawyer.)

Mental note to research rhodium. Love the idea of a document that references its own broadcast address. The document points to it’s own existence and verification! @JPJA continues to keep it real.

LOL - Rhodium :slight_smile: I remember it was hyped heavily in 2010-2011 (don’t know who remembers the little heaps of Rhodium powder that Kitco was selling) and then it totally crapped out. I almost bought some myself (not that I’ve done much better with gold and silver since then… ;-))

I’m still keen on PMs. Rare earths, I’m not too sure, it seems there’s not much growth in manufacturing but I haven’t followed that field this year.

Thanks for encouraging words, guys. 

I like the idea of an investment game. 


Another interesting detail from logspotting.

2014-11-04-T09:01:43+0000 Broadcast: xtrader.io/feed/1CsYvjs571efJuQ2dEok31Pw2v33cwLuB = -1.0 from 1CsYvjs571efJuQ2dEok31Pw2v33cwLuB at 2014-11-04T09:00:05+00:00 with a fee of 0.0% (70c3e965a6420139c2d88548b20a844a2e5afe3766dcf86bd8088b248c0e35c6) [valid]
2014-11-04-T09:04:47+0000 Block: 328481 (202.51s)