XCPassets.org - Counterparty Resource

FoldingCoin Inc has just launched a new source for Counterparty assets and projects called XCPassets.org and the link can be found here http://xcpassets.org/

This site basically has 3 different features to it:

  • Asset details - We have gone through every asset on the counterparty platform (any asset held in more then 1 wallet) and compiled a list of the assets that are actually being developed. This is a nice list to have so everyone can see exactly what assets are on the Counterparty platform that are actually being developed. You can also upvote and downvote the assets so the most popular ones will appear on top, click here for the complete list https://xcpassets.org/all-assets/

  • Utilities - We now have a compiled list of all the top projects going on in the Counterparty space. Each project has links to better resources for the particular projects, but brief descriptions and twitter feeds are embedded in each page https://xcpassets.org/utilities/

  • News and Blogs - We have developed a system in which project reps, counterparty reps, and community members can post blogs relating to counterparty for all to see. Unlike coin desk or letstalkbitcoin, the articles here will not be everything crypto related, but rather exclusively Counterparty related. Feel free to post a blog today and we will pay you 25,000 FLDC for doing so https://xcpassets.org/how-to-post/

Please give as much feedback as possible and read the first blog that goes into detail on this new website https://xcpassets.org/2015/04/27/launching-xcpassets-org/


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Nice work Robert! What platform(s) did you code this in?

I simply used Wordpress, nothing fancy, but it works wells i think :slight_smile: I hope to have you be one of the folks adding blogs to this site chris :smiley:

Good job! Looking forward to seeing this site grow, especially the blog section :wink:

Absolutely :slight_smile: I will also be doing recaps of the week of all the counterparty news i can find, but you are more then welcome to post a blog here as well