ANN: SEBUH token Rockminer Rbox Group Buy and Investment Option

Hello I have made an asset called SEBUH. It will cost .144 BTC each and will be used to redeem RBox Rockminer through my website.

Check out for more details.

I’ll update this with more information soon like expected ship date ROI and other significant information.

Okay I added a product on my website to keep track of orders being placed.

Also instructions are on my website please check it out and post comments here on your thoughts.

I am planning to ship all orders regardless of how many pre orders I get in a few days. As soon as the first batch is out I will post some more information.

Thanks LA Bitcoin peeps for helping me with the idea and telling me about counterparty.

You should give us more numbers and details… are you paying dividends out of this? Whats the value proposition?

also, you should really consider just dropping the price and issuing more tokens. I know that for myself I might want a few shares, but im not willing to risk and drop 0.1 + BTC on it. Make it accessible to more people if you want any chance of getting your token out there

Thank you finally someone gives me some input!  :smiley:

i wrote a giant update then i got timed out.

I am going to re write it and post it soon.

Please do not hesitate to try and buy a SEBUH.

Guaranteed refunds for anyone that participates.

To be Continued.

SEBUH is back on the market.

SEBUH Asset Information

The First PHYGITAL Token according to many historical nft collectors.