and the XCP asset, tokens, and for dummies - HELP!

Hypothetical Scenario - thanks for the help.

Any suggestions (links, old Q&A) to my questions?

These are questions which should be asked directly of the TROPTIONS project and not the Counterparty community.

You can use the built in Counterparty Decentralized EXchange (DEX) to sell your tokens, but you need to have a buyer for your tokens… and based off of the order history for TROPTIONS.GOLD, the same address is just buying and selling with themselves to make it appear as if there is real trading going on, when in reality it appears to be just one person buying/selling from themselves.

As with investment in any project, do your due diligence and check out the project before you invest.

Thank you j-dog - I’m not quite sure what you meant on the order history for Troptions.Gold. No worries… I sold twice P2P and bought back from one some months later if that is what you are referring to - glad I did.

I own a successful IT & Management Consulting company providing services to billion dollar companies - yet, this is all new to me (tokens, projects, assets, etc.).

I’ll continue my due-diligence and research. This is definitely the future.

Thank you again

Please help me I have ! It’s at $650.00 right now wanting
to sell. Not knowing how when I need bitcoin. I have so many hours wrapped up in this thank you Lyssa

Sorry to say lyssa, is 100% a shitcoin that has zero value. Nobody wants this thing and it’s unlikely to find someone that will buy it from you.

I’m curious though, where did you get it?