People still buying MAIDSAFE?

Block: 332990 (2.60s)
Block: 332991 (1.92s)
Order: 166fdo9xM9SdQqTLgTwyPgj5JrXNckMvKJ ordered 5988888.88339885 MAIDSAFE for
0.17966667 XCP in 1000 blocks, with a provided fee of 0.0002 BTC and a required
fee of 0.0 BTC (cd02deb6dd2c3b6e62ba12501accd7b1d3aa6e99a988f2b07cf933788d9cca12
) [open]

Just spotted this in Counterparty logs.
I can't tell if this is the scammer trading with himself or someone (again) not doing due diligence, thinking he's getting a great deal (which should have failed the "too good to be true" test, but it didn't). 

Folks this MAIDSAFE asset is not legit. That fact was highlighted here on this forum and on the Counterparty Support site and soon after that also by MaidSafe people some 2 months ago.

Surely just trading with themselves. There was never any indication by anyone that that asset might be associated with the MAIDSAFE project.

Here is a linking stating it is in fact associated with the Maidsafe Project.

Madesafe Coins will be traded in for Safe Coins once the network goes live.

@upstate, that’s completely wrong.

MAID is the symbol for their asset and is traded on MasterXchange and Poloniex.
MaidSafe never issued anything on the Counterparty platform and they said so on their Web site (I think thei COO’s blog or someplace like that).

My apologies, I shouldn’t have assumed this was in reference to the Maidsafe Coin itself. Possibly someones trying to scam people into thinking it’s associated but who knows. Bows out gracefully from the conversation. G’day.

No problem, it’s easy to mix things up (I almost bought it myself when it came out). 

Because MAIDSAFE that is listed on Counterparty is clearly a problematic one, we really hope people can both avoid it and also use that as a learning tool on how to spot issues with such tokens.

They are! I’m getting plenty of hits to my guide on how to buy and store Maidsafe:

LOL. Maybe it’s become a collector item (available in the limited amount of few billion tokens)!