Poloniex Address has no Balance


I transferred yesterday the the balance of my counterparty wallet to Poloniex (1ERfsmNhuQbLpMTBUGE8Jzfoek4v5S19Pa), and it worked out, but today I see that the balance of the address was transferred one hour later to another address; but my account still show the right balance?!. Is this normal? any clue?

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Poloniex is an exchange and most exchanges have their own pooled accounts. When you put your assets to an exchange, you are trusting them as third party to look after those… just like a bank. In an exchange like that you have no control over your private key and the balance they show you is what they suggest they understand is your balance. This is normal for exchanges that are not distributed exchanges. Also when you suggest you have transferred your balance of CounterParty or Omni, you should really suggest if you are talking about XCP or other asset, as CounterParty and the like, are host to different types of coins and balances and there can be confusion about what wallets can see what coins. In your case there are no surprises. Just beaware that if you are holding assets that might benefit from new projects gifting you a share in their project, that you won’t be able to claim that without having the private key control. BitShares for example used to have new project windfall BTS holders but BTS on exchanges missed out. I doubt that is an issue for you at this time but it’s worth being aware of the limits.

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Thank for the answer, it has been very well explained.