Help understanding tools for looking at transactions

Roughly 24 hours ago I transferred folding coins from my counterparty wallet to Poloniex. I understand from reading other posts that it takes several days for transfers to Poloniex to complete, and that I should just wait. I’d like to understand some of the tools available to explore status of my transaction.

  1. When I look at the history in my counterparty wallet, the last item shows:

Send of 45,005.2729 FLDC to 1Egz1rZJd9SyqJPN3KrJY9rekTZTyDUX7w

I’m guessing that this just means that the transaction left my counterparty wallet and is currently “in flight” to it’s ultimate destination.

Is that guess close to accurate ?

  1. When I click on the link for the transfer target (1Egz1rZJd9SyqJPN3KrJY9rekTZTyDUX7w) I see information about my transfer.

What exactly am I looking at when I click on that link ?

I’m just trying to educate myself about how all this mysterious stuff works. My main interest is converting my folding coins to bitcoins so that I can buy another video card from NewEgg to fold more proteins. In the meantime I’m content to wait.

Anyone care to help me understand this ?


You can check the address at

As I understand the transaction is valid so the coins arrived at the address but it may take some days until it is shown in your poloniex account.

Thanks for the response. So, I guess the transaction is completed, but the coins are yet available in my Poloniex wallet ? … still struggling with how all of this works. I’ll wait for Poloniex as long as it takes. I’ll post here if/when that happens.

What a relief. My coins finally arrived at Poloniex. It took almost a week. I did open a support ticket with them 3 days ago. There was no response to the ticket, so I don’t know if the problem resolved itself naturally, or support intervened.

Now I need to try and exchange folding coins for Bitcoins. I wonder how long that will take ? I’m going to start that on Jan. 1 to put the taxable event into 2018. Next time I’ll use Bittrex. I had huge problems with them as well. Working with these exchanges has been really frustrating. :frowning_face:

Exchange folding coins for Bitcoins at poloniex should be much faster as that is a poloniex internal exchange transaction.

I was able to convert folding to btc at Poloniex. It was almost instantaneous. I decided to convert btc to usd because bitcoin checkout was not available at New Egg for the video card I wanted. Not sure why. I sent bitcoins to coinbase, converted to usd and sent directly to my checking account. Easy peasey. I’m looking forward to adding more processing power to the scientific pursuit. I guess the lesson learned is to plan for a week or so delay when transferring Folding Coins when using Poloniex. Bittrex experience might be different, but based on my experience with them, I’m very suspicious of them in general.

Here’s an update on my experiences with Bittrex for comparison. I just did a transfer of Folding Coins to Bittrex. It completed in less 2 hours and shows as being available in my Bittrex wallet. That’s a huge difference compared to Poloniex. I still have some lingering concerns about Bittrex in general because of problems I had with verification in December. But the improvement in coin availability is significant when comparing the two exchanges.

Poloniex currently is also fast again compared to last weeks where it took a week to show fldc in poloniex account after transaction was completed on the blockchain.

A hint for the future can be to look at the market trade volume for your coin. The market with high volume then seems to work good while market with low volume maybe has some problems.
Currently both poloniex and bittrex look good for fldc.