Missing Counterparty tokens


I transferred my counterparty tokens from counterwallet to Poloniex but havent received my funds yet. Please see my transaction hash: 0c4347e1991e0ec9dd596446ccac57da777ba7cfdfdf9dfc5f72d5f3b027db3a

Also here is my destination address: 1Q1hYzjQu1UxXCTghKTv7o988wjBrzpfc5.

Please let me know what the issue is since the transaction seems valid. Thanks.


Is the destination address of Poloniex of the same coin type as your counterparty token?
We also had some delays a week ago when transferring FLDC to Poloniex.
But after some days they finally arrived.
If not make a support ticket at Poloniex.

Yes it is the same - $XCP . I did raise a ticket on Poloniex but can you not do anything about it? How many confirmations does it need? It hasnt even reached their exchange yet. I dont see it in pending deposits.

Try https://www.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/ and submit your transaction to the full hour.