Sending XCP to bitcoin wallet

I have send my xcp funds from counterparty wallet to a poloniex bitcoin wallet. This has probably failed because i dont see any deposit on the bitcoin wallet and also my xcp funds has been gone, where are my funds right now? And how can i solve this?

So you sent the XCP not to the poloniex xcp deposit address but to the poloniex btc deposit address?

That would be really bad because you cannot recover from this.

[quote=“foldinger, post:2, topic:4363”]
So you sent the XCP not to the poloniex xcp deposit address but to the poloniex btc deposit address?
[/quote] The antswer is YES. I found this instructions on the counterparty website, i already had my doubts about this but this site has given me the wrong instructions.

How can i get my funds back?

All you will see in your poloniex account btc address is a receive of dust 0.000005320 btc (maybe that takes some days to show)

Technically the XCP now is hidden at the poloniex btc address. Poloniex itself could internally access it in theory because they have the private key. But it will not show in your account and I don’t believe the poloniex support can change that, I’m sorry. You could still make a support ticket at poloniex.

How can i found the transaction id of this withdrawal that i did on counterpartywallet? I can not logg in to my wallet.

When it is received at poloniex which may take sometimes days then it is shown in poloniex transaction history.

If you know your counterwallet address you can also check the state at and see all transactions in the “sends” section. The same for poloniex btc address.

If transaction is not complete yet:

How much transaction fee did you use? If it was low enough last chance would be it cannot complete and expires then xcp would come back to counterwallet. But if transaction is complete then xcp is gone.

Or if transaction is not complete yet it would be possible to supersede the transaction with another transaction with higher fees. But that needs to be done outside counterwallet manually as console command using your counterwallet private key.

I have found my transaction on and i see that the XCP has been sended. I also have found the transacion number tag where poloniex asks for. Where do you think the XCP is right now, is it just gone or is it possible that poloniex can reverse it to an xcp wallet or reverse the deposit or some other solution. Or is there no solution and the XCP has been gone and vanished?

Poloniex would need to create a custom transaction using the counterwallet API from your poloniex btc address to your poloniex xcp address and sign it with the poloniex btc address private key.

But I doubt they will do this.

I can post here the command details.

I will wait for their reply. Why did counterparty wallet made this big mistake by instructing to sell the xcp to a btc wallet?

Technically a xcp counterwallet is also a btc wallet but not the other way round.

It is even more complex at the exchanges like poloniex were every coin type has its own address.

If you try to send coins of one type to an exchange address with other coin type 2 things can happen:

  1. transaction is not possible and coins stay
  2. transaction is possible but coins are hidden

Always check that the addresses coin types match.

I have checked this and i have noticed it. But the instructions from counterparty was to send xcp to a btc wallet. Is it possible that its hidden somewhere on the counterparty platform?

What instructions from counterparty do you mean?

No, it is hidden at the poloniex btc wallet.

i did EXACTLY the same misstake…
Stupid instruction on Counterparty wallet… At the same time i was suspect but i did it anyway.

Hope Poloniex will recover this in some way… Atleast im not the only one.

It is exactly the same for me, i also suspected that it was a bit odd but just trusted their instructions.

Did you get your refunds back finaly from the exchange where you send the xcp to?

Can you do a screenshot for me of the counterwallet instruction?

Poloniex support havent answerd me yet… Stil waiting.
Really really hope they can solve this without problem…

will send, cant acces wallet atm thou :confused:


Here is a SS, its on NVST thou…

Cant take SS at XCP since i dont have any funds…

Thank you for the screenshot, without this instructions we would never be so stupid to send it to a btc wallet. It is because of this instructions and the trust we had in counterwallet.

When did you contact poloniex support?