NOMNI cash transfer to counterwallet

I have few questions regarding your counterwallet and it’s functions.

I have NOMNI cash under my other wallet that I linked to my counterwallet which now it shows my balances and everything, so I made a transfer of NOMNI cash to XCP within my counterwallet from my linked wallet to what I believe to be an escrow account of yours, as you can see on the attached screen shot where it shows under the purple dispenser box.

First I would like to know what is this box about? And also I would like to know how long it takes for the transfered credit to show under my XCP balance.

And lastly is what do I need to do to exchange this credits and balances I have under my counterwallet to a live currency for exemple to à euro or USD.

Forgive my lack of knowledge in this as I’m new to this world of crypto.

Waiting your reply.

Thank you in advance.

You should probably use a different wallet than counterwallet, as counterwallet has been pretty unstable over the past year or so.

You can find a list of counterparty compatible wallets at

I would suggest using desktop wallet, as it supports all the current features of Counterparty including Dispensers and the Exchange.

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