Sending XCP to my wallet address

Hi. A newbie to Counterparty Wallet and help would be greatly appreciated. In ‘Balances’ I have a wallet address. Can I send Counterparty (XCP) to this wallet from another (external) wallet? In other words is the wallet address under balances a multi currency wallet that accepts Bitcoin and Altcoins?

A counterwallet address is a bitcoin address. You can send Bitcoin or counterparty assets/tokens to your counterwallet bitcoin address.

You can not send Litecoin or Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies to a bitcoin address, as they run on different networks.

3 questions for the community. Maybe you can help me.

  1. I have a counterwallet and some XCP sitting in my Poloniex account. How the counterwallet makes the distinction between XCP and the BTC if it’s the same Bitcoin address I’m sending them to? I’m afraid to do a big mistake and lose my XCPs.

  2. I also have SJCX tokens on an exchange site but in my counterwallet I can only see 2 squares : one is BTC and the other one is XCP. Both are empty right now (0 BTC and 0 XCP). If I send my SJCX tokens to my counterwallet, is a SJCX square will appear in my counterwallet?

  3. Where can I see a list of all counterparty tokens? I have some crypto-assets lying here and there on many exchanges. I’d like to send all those counterparty-related to my counterwallet if possible.

Thanks for all your helpful answers.

1.) Counterparty works by encoding extra data (send asset, create issuance, etc) into bitcoin transactions. When those transactions are mined and added to the bitcoin blockchain, Counterparty then decodes the bitcoin transactions, extracts the extra data, and uses the data to determine what action happened on the Counterparty platform.

You can send BTC, XCP, or any Counterparty asset to any bitcoin address where you control the private key, and have no fear that anything will be lost :slight_smile:

2.) Yes, if you send SJCX from an exchange to one of your counterwallet addresses, then a SJCX box will appear and show you the amount you own at that address.

3.) You can view a list of all the counterparty assets, as well as information for any counterparty address at or

Happy to help :slight_smile:

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