Fraud in transaction of 3.6 XCP to BTC address

I just made following transaction from counterwallet to bitcoin wallet (coinbase) by today.

79246 430765 2016/09/21 09:43:14 AM +05:00 My Address #1 Send Send of 3.6 XCP to 1LJcrDwgphjSx8myi7CXAQKM7okd1vQNHE

I just recieved +0.0000543 BTC
+$0.03 USD

Although counterparty market rate was 5.78 $

Why so little amount made to me???

Don’t worry, it’s there. Coinbase apparently is not counterparty-aware.


  • Get the private key and use the sweep-option in Counterwallet.
  • Have Coinbase support look into it

How to get the private key and use the sweep-option in Counterwallet???

& how my actual amount my restore???

You sent XCP to a Coinbase address instead of an address you control the private keys too, coinbase now has your XCP and there is currently no way to retrieve it,

Your best bet is to email coinbase and explain that you sent XCP to a address they control.

Going forward, only send XCP to an address you have 100% control of (counterwallet, indiesquare, etc.)

i’ve got this problem too. i’m sent 0.8 XCP from bittrex to , i see in XCP block explorer transaction is confirmed and arrive to my account, but it’s automatic change to 0.0000543 btc.

How to solved this ?

this is my deposit address in >> 1C8ZatGFjEuqqrBstUJDEShSNvEkKRtLV5

If you look in a normal bitcoin block explorer, it will appear as a 0.00005430 BTC send

If you look in a COUNTERPARTY block explorer (one designed to show counterparty transactions) then you see the actual counterparty asset sent.

TL;DR… You need to look at counterparty transactions on a counterparty block explorer

TL;DR… You need to look at counterparty transactions on a counterparty block explorer

I’ve see is really has been sent to my address

my problem is why i cant see my XCP balance in my account ? my balance is 0 …

hrm… well that is strange. Are you using You might want to try refreshing the page and logging in again and see if the balance is updated.

really just logout and login again ? but i’ve try it before .
after you say i try it again , and i see my balance ? you do something with my account?

LOL… no, I did not do anything with your “account”… I would have no way to.

Your 12-word passphrase is your access to your funds. Your wallet information is not stored on any computers. The only one who can access your account/address are you.

It could just be that the balance had not been confirmed yet. Either way… glad to hear things are working as expected now :slight_smile:

When i try refresh my balance in XCP explorer i see tx has been confirmed.

I don’t know how can it be happen.

How long normally tx usually confirmed ?

Counterwallet talks to some tools to get its balances information… the tool ‘counterblock’ could have been behind and not parsed the block yet, which would explain why your balance would show as 0 until counterblock parsed the block.

At any rate, your funds are there, you see them, you can use them, all is good :slight_smile:

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i just do this transaction , fee 0.003 btc ? i think that’s so crazy fee for trade

You can change Normal priority to Custom Fee and set 1 to 10 sat/byte for cheap transactions.