How to deposite XCP in counterparty through my tux exchange

I have purchased XCP in tuxexchange ,but i am not able to see any XCP deposite address.I need XCP to purchase NVO tokens.
There is only 1 address,i am confused wether to sent BTC or XCP to that address in counterparty.Please help

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Im having the exact same issue, and it is super annoying, also tux does not use private keys so I do not know if I can send xcp from tux to counter wallet, it would be nice if there was a way to exchange btc for xcp on the counterparty exchange like I used to be able to.

You can withdraw both xcp or btc from tuxexchange to the same counterwallet address.
Counterwallet can hold btc, xcp and other tokens like nvo too all in one address.

The other way round tuxexchange for each coin type has another address.
So be sure if you send coins from counterwallet to tuxexchange to use the right deposit adress for each coin type at tuxexchange.