NOMNI cash exchange

Hi, I have a great amount of NOMNI cash under my wallet and I would like to know how to go about exchanging it to BTC or XCP? Is your wallet
Capable of doing such exchanges? If not can you please advise to which platform I’m able to do such transactions,.
Thank you in advance.

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Your NOMNI token can be sold on the Counterparty DEX for any other token.

You can setup a Dispenser to sell your NOMNI for BTC.

But in order for you to actually convert your NOMNI to into some other currency/token, you will need to have people wanting to buy your NOMNI token…

If you review the DEX trade history for NOMNI you can see that there is barely any actual trades.

If you want to do stuff on Counterparty, I would advise using desktop wallet as it supports all the current features of counterparty, and is open-source.


Hi J- Dog…Thank you for giving back!
I see you write code etc and your familiar with Nomni . I read what you stated about creating a dispenser etc. If you help me I will give a nice percentage of the Nomni once converted to cash. I have about 450 coins. Thank you for your time. Hopefully we can help eachother!!

Ryan B.