Newbie having trouble sweeping in NVST tokens


I have just attempted to sweep in some NVST tokens. It has taken the fee money, but the tokens still don’t show up in my CP wallet.

Any ideas what it might be?

Do I need to create my own NVST wallet? (It looked like it might be able to do that automatically in counterwallet)



Depending on the fee amount it may take some days until transaction is complete. Counterwallet relies on the bitcoin network and there the mempool is currently very high.

Oh, thanks so much for the info. It’s been several days now.

Oh well, i’ll just have to wait I guess.

I’ve been reading things that say that Exodus uses “uncompressed” private key format and that CP wallets use a “compressed” format. Do you think I need to be worried about this at all?

I mean, I swept them in directly…