NOOB trying to get BTC into my CounterWallet via Blockchain

Spent half the day trying to sweep BTC from a wallet. The instructions on the main post regarding this appear to be out of date. There is no longer an import/export feature. Do i have other options? And why can’t i just send BTC to an address like the rest of the world? I only need it to do some fees so i can move some other coins around. Anybody have instructions? This whole concept of providing my private key to allow someone to “sweep” my wallet… Sounds like a scam frankly. Is there a better way to transfer BTC for the fee? So strange.

Send from to the address in your counterwallet

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Well i feel like a doofus. The only option i saw to get money in was the Import feature. And all the help seemed to lead me to “Import (Sweep) Tokens from Another Address
Import token funds by “sweeping” them from an external address into an address in this wallet.” Which required a private key… I guess i assumed this wallet worked differently than others. I thought it shoulld be as easy as sending to an address, but wasn’t willing to experiment by sending BTC to some random string that I didn’t understand was for BTC. My bad.

So if i wanted to send SJCX to myself, i would use the same address?

Thanks for your help!

Yep, exactly

Thank you! I think I am beginning to understand hehe.