Sweeping NVST tokens isn't working for me

I am trying to sweep my NVST tokens from a blockchain.info address. They show as being in there and I went through great lengths to retrieve the private key that matches the wallet. However, every time it starts the transaction process, I see no progress at all. 10 minutes later I just get a message that says error. Nothing moved and nothing happened. This is the only place I know of that I can use to sweet those tokens. Do I have other options?

Try Jpja/Sweep-XCP-Paperwallet

i tried to perform the operation with the software Jpja/Sweep-XCP-Paperwallet t osweep nvot to counterwallet wallet , since importing the private key went to hang and error like described in other topics.
but after 3 hours the transaction is still unconfirmed…

Hello, did you manage to resolve this situation?

I have just got round to retrieving my NVST from my private BTC key, and after some clowning around with BTC fee coverage sending, counterwallet now gets me to the “Preparing output for transactions chaining” dialogue box and I am then stuck, no further progress.

Even after refreshing and logging in again and trying to execute the sweep it still does not work.

Any info appreciated, thanks.

See my previous post and use the Jpja/Sweep-XCP-Paperwallet for sweep that works.

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