Importing private key to wallet is not working

Hello, I am trying to set this wallet up for the NVO ico I participated in. When I go to import my private key and click sweep nothing happens. No red error messages pop up when I put in my key so the private key is correct. I just click sweep and nothing happens? Anyone know how to fix this?

I’m having the exact same issue. Can someone please explain how to recover the NVO tokens. There is a distinct lack of information about this.

When I go to import my private key and click sweep nothing happens.

You can try

Why doesn’t yours work ??

We were told from the beginning to use private BTC address and your wallet … Are you going to fix your website so that it works ?

This whole NVO ICO is a dogs breakfast F**k Up from beginning to end.

Does NVO use the Counterparty platform?

Yes as far as I know. They haven’t finished their native wallet yet. The instructions were that the tokens would be assigned to the BTC address funds were sent from and could then be imported to the counterparty wallet using the private key to that BTC address

You may confirm on that your address holds conterparty assets / XCP.

If it does then your assets are safe. The couterwallet sweep is unreliable, I know. The JS tool I made has worked for me, but it relies on external APIs. If you use a VPN or Tor, your IP may be blocked. Even if you use a normal connection the API may be temporarily down, so I recommend waiting a few hours if it fails.

Has this worked ? I think i have the same issue. I sent BTC & Dash to NVO in the crowdsale. I can see the Dash has been received but I couldnt see the BTC. I thought I would wait until the Crowdsale was over and then open a counterparty wallet to see how many NVOT i have. But ill be honest i am not entirely sure what to do after I open my Counterparty wallet ? Can anyone assist >? or do we just wait until a wallet is available in NVO dashboard to see how much NVO we have. Also another qoog question i havent seen anyone ask is what price does the crypto you sent get converted against NVO is it the price of the crypto you sent on THAT DAY or the price of the Crypto on the day of the Crowdsale that gets converted to NVOT ?