[URGENT] NEED to Sweep Counterwallet to Counterwallet

I Made a HUGE mistake and Need to sweep my counter wallet ASAP! One Counterwallet to another Counterwallet
I only have the seed, no private key.
When I log into my new counter wallet address there is an import option. When I choose From New Address it asks for a private key. The seed does not work here. So I tried the From Old Wallet and it’s asking me for the address or to search for an address. I enter the address of the old wallet I need to sweep from and nothing happens, it can’t find an address.

What am I doing wrong and is this even possible?
I need to sweep every token from one address to another.

Thank you for any help.

Also what BIP is the counterwallet seed?
I’m not having much luck with it anywhere. Unlocks my wallet fine at counterwallet, but count see my funds or get private key from anywhere.

Log into your old counterwallet and there you can get the private key for your address. Can you see your old address in your old counterwallet?