Hi guys,

I had some Bitcrystals and I had sent them to my Bitcoin wallet. I sent a little yesterday and I had received some bitcoins. I sent a substantial amount today and my Bitcoin wallet only received $0.08.
Can you please advise me what is going on?
I am panicked!

Thanks in advance

I guess you cannot send BitCrystals to a BitCoin wallet directly but need to exchange them at a market like poloniex or bittrex. The small amount of BitCoins you received are only the transaction acknowledge and does not show your BitCrystals value. But you can sweep it back from your BitCoin wallet to your Counterwallet using the Counterwallet Import function and your BitCoin private key.

Hi Foldinger,

Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate it. Can you please advise or refer me to something that will illustrate how I can sweep back the Bitcrystals?

Thanks again!

  1. get the private key from your bitcoin wallet
  2. in counterwallet use the import function with your bitcoin private key.
    How to sweep XCP or BTC from a wallet?

Thank you! :clap:t5: