HELLP! Not getting the amount i sent

Hello! Please i sent 6.3025 XCP to a bitcoing address.
I should be getting 0.03232368 BTC but received 0.00015831 BTC Instead.
Dont know where things went wrong.
Please help.

Here is transaction hash link:blockchain,info/tx/a5b7196a7063db65db001081721fec70d57ab15f0d5332e3f84f02734b00c7bf

Here is the address i sent from: 1N9GXV4dpwHqZr4AaApj3UKBbrBbtZQD5G
and the address i sent to: 14k94yRc3nCS6vAjfS1UpXnGRHwPZhSn3w

Transaction screenshot from my counterparty wallet:

Please note from the screenshot that 6.3025 XCP was deducted from my account. But received 0.00015831 BTC in the address i sent it to instead of 0.03232368

You cannot send XCP to a bitcoin address directly but need to exchange it at a market like poloniex or bittrex. The 0.00015831 btc you received are only the transaction acknowledge and do not show the XCP value. To get your XCP back you need to sweep it from your bitcoin address to your counterwallet again.

To sweep it back:

  1. Get the private key of your bitcoin wallet
  2. In Coutnerwallet use the Import Funds button and enter your private bitcoin key.

Hi! Thanks very much for your response.
I did copy my private key inside my counterparty wallet.
Then i input the private key to the import fund space.
But this is what i got:

Or do you mean the private key of the address i sent the XCP to?
If thats what you meant. I will like to let you know that i sent the XCP to an exchanger’s wallet.
This is the exchanger BTC address i sent the XCP to: 14k94yRc3nCS6vAjfS1UpXnGRHwPZhSn3w

So is it the private key of that exchanger address that i need to get in other to get my money back?
I want you to clarify more for me please.

Thanks Very Much.

What is the name of the exchanger website?
So the exchanger’s BTC address 14k94yRc3nCS6vAjfS1UpXnGRHwPZhSn3w is it for deposit XCP or for deposit BitCoins?
Can you get the private key for that address?

The address is for depositing bitcoin, but i thought one can send XCP directly to a bitcoin address because i used the same address to receive bitcoin and XCP to my counterparty wallet. Thats why i sent it to the BTC address.

The exchanger i used is: http://shapeshift.io

Actually i dont know if i can get the private key of the address. Dont know if the exchanger will give it out.

Check if they have a different address for XCP deposit. I doubt they give the private key out. Maybe they over to sign transactions? That would help.

You may have already figured this out, but at this point you are going to have to take this up with Shapeshift Support.

Here is their Support Request page. Tell them exactly what happened. Like you and foldinger said, you sent XCP to a regular bitcoin address, thinking it would auto-convert it to BTC.

Here is their Community Support frontpage